Customized solutions for the Lubricant and Chemical products industry

We understand that the safe transfer of your product, and using the appropriate liquid tanker in which to haul it, play a huge role in maintaining your product’s quality. Which is why we have a variety of liquid tanker trailers, specific guidelines for the transfer of each liquid we haul, and staff that understands the next load’s integrity hinges on the previous loads characteristics.

We operate four basic types of liquid tanker trailers in this fleet depending on what needs to be achieved. These trailers are either stainless steel or aluminum, compartmented or single barrel. These trailers are baffle-free vessels, to allow a true visual inspection prior to loading. This fleet is where your product's quality can be controlled. We offer either air or pump unload on all of our units, so we can adapt to various consignee unloading requirements and configurations. So whether its industrial, engine, or automobile oil, or something in between, we’ve got the equipment and the personnel to handle your needs.