About Us

About Venezia

Venezia is made up of three bulk divisions: Liquid, Dry Bulk and Specialty, hauling various commodities across America’s highways. The Liquid division includes commodities such as propane, admixtures, lubricants and asphalt. The Dry Bulk division includes such varied products as cement, lime, and sand, as well as food-grade products like flour and malt. The Specialty division includes rail-to-truck transfer of plastic resins and food-grade starch.

Our centralized Dispatch environment allows our Driver Managers to focus entirely on contact and scheduling with our drivers to assure prompt action to service customer orders. And our Customer Service Representatives coordinate their efforts with Load Planners and Driver Managers to provide around-the-clock accessibility.

Likewise, the rest of our highly-skilled and engaged office staff, from Billing to Payroll to Safety to Driver Recruiting, form a core group of committed individuals that allow Venezia to continue to provide value-added and customer-driven services.

Equally important to Customer Satisfaction and employee engagement is Driver Satisfaction. We continually strive to ensure that the relationship between the driver and the company is mutually beneficial and satisfying. Our Recruiting and retention program has us seeking the best drivers and doing everything possible to meet their needs.

That’s Venezia in a nutshell. Committed to fostering a spirit of fairness and pride with our employees, our vendors and our customers. Dedicated to investing in the future through technology and innovative problem-solving to handle ever-growing and ever-changing logistical needs.  And relentlessly  driven to be the best niche carrier in the industry.


“Safety is one of our cornerstone pillars” – Andy Venezia, company President

It is the policy and practice of Venezia to strive for the highest safety standards. That’s why our trucks have a variety of technologies in place to set the bar high and be the example for our industry. This includes satellite mobile tracking communication with GPS tracking;  inward- and outward-facing cameras to monitor such things as road signs, tire pressure, and truck speed; and technology that monitors truck engine performance.

But Safety doesn’t begin and end with our drivers. Safety starts by developing a culture of all corporate and field personnel to understand that running a safe operation doesn’t occur by chance and isn’t an option. It is the result of careful attention to all corporate operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved.

Everyone at all levels must work diligently to execute the corporation’s policy of maintaining safety and occupational health. Our safety program has been developed to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations. It is the obligation of everyone to be knowledgeable of the standards established by these agencies and our corporation to implement the rules and regulations contained therein. Regard for the safety of our drivers, our valued customers, and the general public in which we operate and everyone within our organization is the responsibility of all levels of our organization. Accidents don’t happen on purpose, that’s why they’re called accidents. Prevention of accident and injury is a goal well worthy of our achievement.

A safe operation is organized, clean and efficient. If everyone strives to avoid accidents, we will be in better position not only to control accidents, but also to improve the total performance of our company. Our challenge each day is to provide our drivers with safe and reliable equipment to operate and rely on their inherent skills and training as professional drivers to deliver safely and on time in a “Just In Time” environment. There will be no compromise on the safety standards that Venezia has developed and strict adherence to these policies is required.