About Us

About Venezia

Venezia is made up of three different bulk divisions: Liquid, Dry Bulk and Specialty, that haul multiple commodities across America’s highways. Our Liquid division includes various commodities such as propane, admixtures, lubricants and asphalt. The Dry Bulk division includes products such as cement, lime, sand, as well as food-grade products like flour and malt. The Specialty division includes the rail-to-truck transfer of plastic resins as well as food-grade starch.

Our centralized Dispatch environment allow our Driver Managers to focus on the communication and scheduling with our drivers, to assure prompt action and service customer orders. Our Customer Service Representatives help to coordinate their efforts with Load Planners and Driver Managers to provide around-the-clock accessibility for both Driver and Customers alike.

The rest of our highly skilled office staff, from Billing to Payroll to Safety, and Driver Recruiting form a core group of committed individuals that allow Venezia to continue to provide value-added and customer-driven services.

Equally important as our Customer satisfaction and Employee engagement is our Driver Satisfaction. We are continually striving to ensure that the relationship between our Driver’s and the company is both mutually beneficial and long standing. Our Recruiting Department seeks to engage the best drivers and focus our retention efforts to keep them.

That’s Venezia in a nutshell. Committed to fostering a spirit of fairness and pride within our employees, our vendors, and our customers. Dedicated to investing in the future through technology and innovative problem-solving to handle ever-growing and ever-changing logistical needs. Relentlessly driven to be the best niche carrier in the industry.