Diverse commodities and customized solutions for the niche liquid and dry bulk transportation industry

Asphalt commodity page


Venezia Liquid Tank Lines’ Asphalt Division operates 100 insulated aluminum and steel barreled trailers providing service to the seasonally demanding asphalt business.

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Dry Bulk commodity page

Dry Bulk

Our Dry Bulk division hauls construction-related products, including foundry sand, cement, fly ash, limestone, slag and more.

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Food Grade Image Update

Food Grade

Whether we are transporting flour, starch, malt or other food-grade material, Venezia’s strict adherence to food safety (HACCP) ensures that your product will maintain its integrity throughout the shipping process.

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Liquid Commodity Page


We understand that the safe transfer of your product, and using the appropriate liquid tanker in which to haul it, play a huge role in maintaining your product’s quality.

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LPG Commodity Page


Venezia provides year-round service to the Propane, Butane, and Propylene commodities, and is able to expand capacity to service the very seasonal demands of the LP Gas industry.

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Plastic Resin Commodity Page

Plastic Resin

We can handle all types of plastics, including: Polypropylene (PPE); Polyethylene (PE); PVC Resin and PVC Compound.

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Rail Transfer Commodity Page

Rail Transfer

Served by major railroads, regional rail carriers and short lines, Venezia’s regional rail transfer network can accommodate a variety of logistics requirements via rail-to-truck transfer.

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Specialty Products Commodity Page

Specialty Product

We can handle other specialty freight and cater to your needs by providing you with van trailers and large aggregate storage units.

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